News from Rome

Letter from His Holiness the Pope to His Beatitude

27 2 2015
Secretariat of State                                                                                                         From the Vatican
First Section. General Affairs                                                                                      2 February 2015
N. 63.000
His Holiness Pope Francis thanks you for your good wishes on the occasion of the Feast of the Nativity. In return, he is happy to wish you a prosperous and peaceful 2015. May the light of Christmas be the star that shows the way of love, unity, reconciliation and peace, which our world very much needs!
The Holy Father entrusts to the Lord the Syrian people at this sensitive juncture that the nation is going through, and invokes upon you the Virgin’s motherly intercession to protect you, asking the Lord to give you strength to convey the joy of the Gospel to all those whom you encounter. He greets you cordially in the Lord, expressing his best wishes for the continuation of your patriarchal ministry, and blesses you wholeheartedly, together with all the faithful of your patriarchal Church.
Happy to make myself the Holy Father’s interpreter, please accept, Beatitude, my respectful and sincere good wishes.
+Angelo Becciu